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Suitability of Staff

Updated: Staffing and employment: advice for schools (DfE, 2018)

The government has updated paragraph 5.33 of the 'Staffing and employment' advice:
"All staff have a responsibility to ensure that they act appropriately in terms of their behaviour, the views they express (in particular political views) and the use of school resources at all times, and should not use school resources for party political purposes."

Download: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/staffing-and-employment-advice-for-schools

Update: DBS ID checking guidelines


Disqualification by Association (February 2015)

Published: 28th February 2015
Revised: 10th June 2016 when the guidance was republished, but no changes were made to the text. The government note says that they have ‘updated review date to January 2017 when we will take account of the outcome of our consultation on changes to the disqualification arrangements for childcare workers’.
Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006
Statutory guidance for local authorities, maintained schools, academies and free schools (February 2015)Background

In October 2014, the government issued supplementary guidance to ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education (2014)’. This guidance said that school staff are disqualified from working in a school, when they ‘live or work in the same household’ as someone who is barred from working with children or young people, even if they would not otherwise be disqualified themselves.

The guidance caused much consternation in schools and resulted in people being suspended from their work and, in some cases, they were dismissed. In many schools, staff were asked to sign a declaration that they did not meet the ‘disqualification by association’ criteria.

Disqualification by Association Guidance from February 2015

On 26th February 2015, the government issued new guidance which replaces the October 2014 document and clarifies the position with regard to schools called Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006.


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