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Strategy and Improvement

a) We help you analyse your environment using a wide range of tools and identify significant implications

100% Priorities

b) We assist you to defines priorities for change

Real Research

c) Analyses research into business development/failure.

Leading with Impact

a)    Provide a plan for stakeholders which is visionary in scope


b)    A plan which is transformative


c)    A plan which secures agreement for proposals

Working in Partnership

a)    We will consider ‘Shared Services’ and ‘Corporate Governance’ models within the education and business sector, and ‘Efficiency strategies’ used within other sector services.


b)    We will look at successful partnerships

Effective Practice

c)    We will identify effective practice (for example in relation to due diligence, financial or governance arrangements).

Managing Risks and Resources

a)    We help you analyses different business development strategies (for example, growth, specialisation or stabilisation).

b)    We help you to identify potential benefits, risks and costs of different strategies in terms of resources.

c)    We assist you to analyse own organisation(s) to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of resources deployed (e.g. in terms of finances, staffing or educational resources).

d)    We help you to evaluate the effectiveness of different accountability arrangements for managing resources and risks.

Increase capability

a)    We help you to Identify factors affecting organisation’s current and future workforce needs.

b)    We help you to evaluate the benefits and risks of different business development strategies in terms of their ability to enhance professional development opportunities - for both new AND the most talented staff.

c)    We help you to evaluate the benefits and risks of different business development strategies in terms of their ability to support succession planning OR manage talent.

d)    We help you to evaluate the benefits and risks of different business development strategies in terms of their ability to spread critical knowledge and skills OR increase resilience to change.

Teaching and Curriculum Excellence

a)    We Evaluate teaching quality across several school s systematically.

b)    We Identify the most effective practice and define improvement priorities.

c)    We help you assess the impact of interventions targeted at disadvantaged pupils OR those with particular needs.

d)   We assess the impact on teaching quality and attainment and identifies effective practice.

e)    We assist you to provide evidence to stakeholders that project has demonstrably improved pupil progress and attainment in line with stated priorities or purpose.

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Quick Organisational Growth

We provide a complete audit to determine where you are currently and how we can help you grow

Expert Financial Support

We provide a financial review and how you can increase revenue by providing quality services and provisions

Governance and Efficiency

By understanding governance and effective ways of running your organisation, we will provide expert guidance so that you improve and increase the way you work

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Want to grow your organisation

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